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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 6, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PST

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welcome to wednesday morning. already november 6. taking a live look outside. you can see the golden gate bridge this morning. yesterday it was kind of socked in with a lot of fog. we'll take a look at your forecast. >> i see one car. >> that is why you are the traffic anchor. good morning, thanks so much for joining us. >> and i know we saw a lot of fog yesterday. today are we going to see the same thing? >> yes, let's show you a shot in fremont. you can barely see there. so we're having to deal with it in a few spots. our temperatures will start out cool with upper 40s and then sunshine later today and low 60s
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by 11:00. south bay high temperature up into the mid-70s for the south bay and even up to 80 in gilroy. so we'll have a look at the rest of the week. and mike, you found flashing arrows? >> that's right. these are 101 pushing folks over to the right at willow. and that is pretty usual for the construction spots. we haven't seen that zone for a few weeks but back again. note that as the crew moves, there will be traffic breaks. meanwhile here at the bay bridge, reports of a disabled vehicle getting away from the span. no problems getting to the span. i'll check if we can spot what is going on as you leave the toll plaza. a teen girl is dead and another boy hurt, this is after a kublg shooting double shootin antioch.did not find any victim
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but a short time later two 17-year-olds somehow managed to get themselves to the emergency room. the girl died. police say the gunman is not in custody. the results still coming in on some of the bay area election day races. others including san francisco's mayor race are already easily decided. >> and pete suratos is live looking at another race that had everyone's attention. good morning, pete. >> reporter: yeah, and that race is the one to be the next district attorney. it is shaping up to be what we thought, competitive. still too close to call. the two that are still in the race, you see them there on the television screen. former prosecutor and president of the police commission was
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appointed as interim d.a. by mayor breed follow be the departure of george casscone who decided to resign in order to run for the same position in los angeles. her background is and the deput defender says that he represents a more progressive option when it comes to district attorney specifically in the area of criminal justice reform. now, in the lat est update posted, it said that he had more than 2,000 raw votes but after the rank choice voting that basically eliminates the other candidates, there was a slim le lead. and this marks the first san francisco d.a. race in more than 100 years where there wasn't an incumbent candidates.
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we'll have more election recap in the next half hour. peelt suratos, "today in the bay." as for fran's mayoral brace, london breed easily locked up her re-election with 100% of the precincts reporting, breed has 68% of the vote. this will be her first four year term. she won the special election last year. she took a moment to thank supporters but the mayor says there is still a lot of work to do. >> i'm excited, but i'm also anxious to continue to get the work done because i want them to be proud of the decision that they made. i want them to see a difference sand be happy about the conditions of san francisco and that will take a lot of work. >> part of that work for her is getting proposition "a" passed action a $600 million affordable housing bond. it is passing with nearly 70% of
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the vote. and prop e would allow the city to rezone areas for affordable housing. 74% of voters are saying yes. we're updating our website with the very latest numbers as they come in. we're also pushing out results through our free nbc bay area app. while you were sleeping, council members have agreed to ban short term rentals. the vote came after a long night of debate where dozens spoke. this follows the house party shooting that left five people dead. this home was listed on airbnb. last night people had a lot to say, many calling short term rentals more trouble than it is worth. >> i think just having more regulation isn't going to work unless there is real rigid forcement. >> just ban them all. the chief doesn't have enough police officers to deal with this. >> after the meeting council members approved the emergency
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ordinance. it will be debated again and then voted on a second time, that is scheduled for two week from now. bob redell will have a live. >> reporter: report in the next hour. shorauthorities in concord trying to figure out if the same person is behind the string of suspicious fires around new hall park. the latest happened yesterday afternoon near a condo complex on bellaire drive. they are earn is all are arson. >> the simple fact of having 13 fires this one season, and it is not arbitrary, police know this, the fire department know, this is not normal. so someone is intentionally lighting fires. >> police also believe the fires have been set on purpose. most started during the overnight hours. 4:36. coming up here, the latest takeover bid in the world of electronics involves one of the
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good morning. i'm rahel solomon with the top business headlines. wall street set to open slightly higher this morning. the dow you and nasdaq closing at new highs on optimism over a u.s./china trade deal. the s&p 500 meantime breaking a two day win streak. and today there will be a report on proceductivity and labor cos. xerox may be making an office for hp. "wall street journal" is reporting that the bid could be worth more than their market value of $27 billion. hp's printer business has been struggling lately with sales down 5% the latest quarter. xerox scrapped a merger with fuji film last year. and a hidden feature could possibly enable the echo bud earbuds to track your workouts. this would support previous reporting that they planned to add fitness tracker features.
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this would mark the company's first entrance into the fitness space. and google recently announced that it plans to buy fit bit. >> maybe she'll motivate me. coming up here, cathe forecast. >> and we'll start out with some fog. we can see the clouds are just above street level here as we take a live look outside in the south bay. santa clara, upper 40s to start leading into low 60s by 11:00. we'll talk about this and the rest of the microclimate coming up next. and although the fog in freemont, you can see clearly the dublin gray from our camera. smooth flow of traffic westbound, but i'll show you what is going on closer to the bay bridge coming up. plus mystery solved, the clue that helped lead police
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right to a treasure trove of stolen artwork.
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good morning to you on this humpday wednesday. taking a look out there, a foggy start to the morning. this is out in tremo fremont. turning this morning i scream you scream -- you know on the rest. but in case some ice cream
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lovers may be clucking about the latest new flavor. chicken and waffles. >> what? >> i would try it. some college students at carolina elon yucht partnered with a local shop to create this nice tasty treat. the shop's owner says that despite all the buzz, a lot of customers are still interested in the old stand-buys. >> i think exploration is more popul popular, but no, still vanilla, chocolate and oreo. >> students came up with the new flavor while exploring why some seem to be so set on their usual flavor. >> we had the pringles turducken. >> and i tried to buy it last year and i couldn't. sold out. >> do you know anyone who has tried it? >> no, i don't.
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unless you have tried it. >> i have not. >> he is all about that chicken sandwich. >> and it is in the bad with pickles on it. >> need the ice cream on the side. >> i'd try it, a little scoop. we'll be warming up quite a bit. we're starting out with cool temperatures and fog this morning and looking live at the bay bridge as we see the fog, reducing visibility just a little bit. we'll see he did thicker in some spots, but we are getting more clouds and fog moving in. and we're also having to deal with our air quality with drifts of smoke coming in, and we'll see that again today. so air quality at times will be moderate as we see it coming in from the north due to a wildfire. we're calling the ranch fire just south of redding. so we're watching out for that. and we're starting out with temperatures in the mid-40s in
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santa rose and napa, we're also at 45 in livermore, san jose now at 53 degrees. here is a look at our high temperatures for today with upper 70s expected in east san jose. gilroy will reach up to 80 degrees. we're also going to see the highs in the upper 70s in the inland east bay, half moon bay it will reach only 59. san mateo will see a high of 67. san francisco staying in the 60s today, up to 60 in the marina district. up to 76 degrees in novato. so we will have a cool start, but you may be comfortable with light long sleeves and then you'll want to make sure that you are wearing something comfortable for the afternoon because we are going to enjoy some beautiful weather. we're himself getting ready for the raiders game tomorrow for the thursday night football feature. we'll see our temperatures cooling off quickly going from 72 to the upper 50s by halftime. going into the next few days, we will see our weather pattern continuing as that high pressure
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remains in place, so we're mostly in the upper 70s and low 80s from now through at least next tuesday. mike, you are checking on a couple of reports? >> that's right. one i thought maybe we'd see just over here. disabled vehicle reported getting off the bay bridge and merging over toward 880 south. but that cleared before we could see anything going on. can't really see past the parking lot with the angle anyway. we do see the build westbound. fast track still an advantage over the cash lanes though. and the second incident reported similar details, but farther down. so this may have been the original location, just corrected now. this is east 580 at the interchange. so we're tracking that, but no lanes reported blocked. smooth drive in toward the bay bridge, highway 4, 680, here under 20 minutes there basically marsh creek, a little slowing almost always anytime the commute is going on out of
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brentwood and byron, a little slowing down to 580. and 580 westbound a little slowing out of the altamont. there may be something go on in the pleasanton area. i'll check on that. but no problems along the peninsula, typically clear and it is right now. and in case you missed it earlier, we had a winter schedule now in effect for the ferry service. so check their website for your schedule and last day for free service for smart train riders up in the north bay. back to you. 4:49. jurors resume deliberations today in the case of a bay area real estate agent accused of murder. prosecutors say tiffany lee arranged to have her ex-boyfriend killed. they believe that she was scared about losing a custody battle. investigators testified that she worked with her then boyfriend to plan green's murder but her
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attorneys argue she's been wrongly accused and green was killed in a botched kidnapping. an east bay soccer coach is accused of raping a former player at his home. police say luke enna raped an 18-year-old woman who was house sitting for him, this is shortly after returning to his home. he no longer works for the san ramon football club. he claims nothing inappropriate ever happened, but parents are shocked. >> whenever you hear about something like that, it is always heartbreaking. any parent, especially a parent of daughters. >> police say there is no evidence that there are other victims, but if there are, investigators would like to speak with them. police in hercules raided what they say is an illegal marijuana grow where the owner went the extra mile to protect his stash. you can see right here, the bars on the door which officers had to pry through.
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police say that officers raided a second home owned by the same person in san francisco and found another grow house. now to a followup amid growing conditions of the expanded ride share parking lot. the airport's new pickup policy has led to long lines and an hour plus wait. arriving travelers have to go to a special lot. sfo also worked to fix the problem opening another entrance to that pickup area. new details major changes are in store at usc, this is after the college admissions scandal. the l.a. times reports that the governing board will be cut in size, term and age limits will be applied. and university president and board chair will be limited to their ability to pick members. some say the board was too large and unweeilling to respond to t recent scandals.
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lori loughlin is going to trial next year for allegedly bribing a fixer to get her two daughters in. an anonymous caller helps lead police to a treasure trove of stolen artwork. the person says that the art was inside a san fernando home. police believe over 1,000 signed prints were there for several years. the person who had them only recently checked the law enforcement database and discovered they were stolen. coming up here, nbc bay area responds. >> they put money down for a promised price on a new dhar, but they say that the dealer didn't deliver. i'm coupler investigator nbc bay area responds next. happening now, a major win for equal pay. the australian women's national soccer team will earn the same pay as their male counterparts.
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welcome back. taking a live look across walnut creek this morning. 4:55 for you. nbc bay area responds to a san jose couple who waited months to have their new car delivered. >> and they is say when it arrived, the price was higher than what the dealer promised, so they asked the team to take the wheel. >> good morning. they took advantage of a new car
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discount program through their costco member ship. they paid $500 to order a toyota rav 4 through stevens creek toyota. the couple says the sales rep assured them they would pay just under $31,000 after the discount. $30,9 $30,956. when they went to pick up the car, the dealer said it was now $33,349. they really wanted the car, so they ended up paying this price, not that price, and then they asked us to help out. we contacted costco and stevens creek toyota. eight days later, they got a check for $1750. that is not the full amount they wanted, but they were happy to get it from the dealer. we asked stevens creek toyota and costco what happened, but we didn't get an answer. is a consumer problem driving
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you crazy? call us or go to five game losing streak officially history. >> last night the sharks hosted the blackhawks. both teams have been struggling to start the season. the sharks went on to win 4-2. coming up next, kari hall is tracking that forecast. >> our weather continues on repeat. we'll see more of those temperatures cool to start but then warming up nicely for the afternoon. i'll have a look at concord and the rest of the micro climates coming up next. and a great view here, southbound 101 is moving smoothly. a little low clouds, but we can see the bridge today. plus the results are in, a live report on election night in the bay area. the big winners and the big changes coming our way. deal talk!
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my new $4.99lt cheeseburger combo, deal talk! comes with fries and a drink. all for just the change in your couch. what... mr. wigglesworth? i thought we lost you. kevin?! try my new $4.99 blt cheeseburger combo. election results are in and our team is live with the results. plus -- banning airbnb is not a solution. abusers will find another way. >> rental rules, the overnight decision in the east bay after a deadly halloween house party shooting. what the change means for
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companies like airbnb. plus another dmv dilemma, the agency revealing information was improperly shared. "today in the bay" continues right now. thanks so much for joining us on this wednesday morning. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. let's start out with the weather. kari hall is tracking that for us. another nice day. >> more of the same. but we've also been seeing some of the fog developing. as we look outside in san francisco, if we can't get rain, i guess fog is the next best thing. i can't even say it. it is too early and the coffee hasn't kicked in yet. next best thing. so we will see cool temperatures this morning. and looking at antioch and where we're going to start, upper 40s but leading up to 70 already by noon. we'll talk more about this and mike you have changes ahead in oakland. >> that's right. we already have a build here in the fast trackan


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